WOW! Check Out Cardi B's New Icey Nail Set! Would You Rock These Nails?

I love getting my nails done. My girl Monica, owner of Coco Glam Studio, has been doing my nails for a little over 2 years and let me tell you, she has gotten me out of my short, plain nail set. I admit long, long nails are hard to work with, but the longer the nail the more the nail tech can get creative, more crystals, more designs. I mean who doesn't want more! Recently I got a Cardi B set, long nails and I mean long nails like Cardi B's with lots of crystals.

And I couldn't wait to take them off, cause I could hardly type lol...however I am feeling this nail set Cardi B got. Now hopefully it's for a photo shoot, or maybe for a baby shower since they have a teddy bear on them, I get baby shower vibes with this set. These nails look heavy af... but remember Cardi B, is known to rock some long ass creative, artistry nails with lots of crystals. Not sure if I would rock these nails, but they cute!

Check out my nail sets that my nail tech has worked on. Love my nail tech!

Photo: Getty Image

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