F9 - Remember When They Raced Cars And Stole DVD Players?

F9 drops in the US this weekend after already hitting $300 million worldwide. The ‘Fast’ franchise is now a billion dollar monster... cars drop from planes, tanks crash through buildings, cars outrace missiles... and it all started with Dom and his "Family" stealing electronics from 18-wheelers. I actually love the original "The Fast and the Furious"... It was a great movie with a great story... and everyone played their parts to perfection. With every new chapter, for me, it got a little more off the rails... and the last one I even cared to see was "Fast 5"... The introduction of The Rock to the franchise... By then, the Family had become a team of world traveling special agents... and that's a bit of a stretch from some guys racing around LA stealing DVD players.

With F9 on the way, check out this awesome article about the original and what made it so great... CLICK HERE

And look back at the original movie's trailer versus the F9 trailer... what a difference 20 years makes!

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