The New Crib Is Coming Along

We have been working on this move for almost 18 months... way before the Covid hit... While I am happy that we were able to move into the home that my wife and I designed... doing it during a worldwide shut down was not ideal. We are finally in the new house and it is coming along. I can't share too much yet... my wife is very serious about making sure everything is just right before the world sees it... but I am working on an MTV Cribs style video.

Speaking of my wife... she is the Queen of Design... actually people call her "Theme Queen"... It really helps her out as a Realtor (if you need to buy/sell a house she can hook it up)... But it really helps me out when it comes to making our house look amazing... This week she took on the walls... and she made them look pretty amazing...

As she gives me the green light I will drop some more photos!

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