Bobby Shmurda Addresses Viral Video Of Alleged Girlfriend: 'Let That Slide'

Bobby Shmurda has finally addressed the rumors about his love life!

On Tuesday (April 13), a woman posted a video montage that showed her cozying up to Bobby — kissing him on the cheek, calling him “Papa," and seemingly traveling across the country with the Brooklyn rapper and his crew. Social media quickly reacted to the footage, trolling the woman and speculating that Bobby, who was recently released from prison, had quickly found himself a new boo.

However, before the rumors could get too out of hand, Bobby took to Instagram Live to set the record straight. “It was not me!!” he told his followers. “That is the homeboy’s joint, bro.”

Bobby, who is on parole until February 2026, then came to the woman's defense, saying, “I’m tryna be nice and I’m tryna stay as a nice guy, I’m on parole, but y’all want me to wild the f**k out. [...] Shaming the girl and all that. Even though she did some corny sh*t, sometimes that’s what people do. You let that sh*t slide. You let it ride and keep going. It’s a f***ing picture or a video or whatever.”

In February, Bobby was released from prison 10 months earlier than his scheduled release date after the decision to shorten his sentence was made by the Time Allowance Committee, which consists of prison staff.

Back in 2016, Bobby pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and drug and gun possession and was sentenced to seven years behind bars. He was given credit for time served since he was arrested in December 2014.

He was accused of leading street gang GS9, which police said was responsible for several shootings and one murder. Fourteen others, including the rapper’s brother, Jayese, were also arrested in connection with various crimes pertaining to the gang.

Photo: Getty Images